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      10 Signs Your Drains Are Blocked and You Need to Call a Plumber

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      • February 22, 2023
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      Australia-wide, blocked drains are a frequent issue in homes. Imagine entering your bathroom with the intention of taking a soothing hot shower, only to discover after a short while that the water in the bathtub is rising rather than draining. Undoubtedly, it’s a disappointing way to start the day.

      This issue can appear in a number of locations throughout the house, including air conditioner drains, bathroom tubs, sinks, and kitchen sinks. A blocked drain can have a variety of causes, such as the build-up of grease, hair, soap residue, or the development of mildew or algae. Fortunately, a simple fix is only a phone call away. Holymess Repairs are accessible everywhere. But how can you spot this problem early on to avoid further problems?

      Here are 10 signs that a blocked drain in your area requires the assistance of a plumber.
      Drains are Noisy or Gurgling:

      When a drain is blocked, the pipe network may become stressed, which may result in audible gurgling or rattling noises as water passes through the pipes. When the obstruction is close to the surface, these sounds are most audible. After turning on the faucet, if your pipes make any strange noises, it’s time to call the highly regarded plumbers at Holymess Repairs for prompt assistance.

      Unpleasant Odour from Blocked Drains:

      Food particles and hair enter the sink or shower through blocked drains, which exacerbate the obstruction by acting as a trap for these things. This accumulation and the grease’s presence over time produce a pungent odour. Such an offensive odour is a certain sign of a blocked drain if it comes from any of your drains. Avoid wasting time and seek out expert plumbing services right away.

      Water Drainage:

      One of the most typical indications of blocked drains is delayed water drainage. It’s a definite sign of a clog if you find that the water in your showers, sinks, or toilets drains unusually slowly. Even if the problem seems minor, it’s crucial to address it right once to avoid more serious complications. To ensure your drains are operating properly, get in touch with Holymess Repairs’ team of knowledgeable professionals.

      Changed Water Level in the Toilet:

      Check the water level in your toilet after each flush. The water level in the bowl may rise higher than usual and take longer to completely drain if a drain is plugged. You could also notice that the water level in the bowl is lower than usual even after flushing. These two symptoms point to a blocked drain problem. Don’t wait for it to get worse before getting in touch with a blocked drain specialist like Holymess Repairs.

      Drainage Back-Up:

      Normally, water should slowly drain out of the drains until none is left. Water can reverse its flow and back up instead of draining out in the case of blocked drains. Water backing up from any of your drains is an obvious indication that there is a clog. The causes can vary, necessitating various plumbing fixes. To solve the problem, speak with a trustworthy local plumber right away.

      Water Syphoning from the Toilet:

      In a syphon toilet system, which is frequently used in houses, water is essential for employing suction and gravity to flush waste into the trap way. The water that is used to flush the toilet shouldn’t be easily syphoned (particularly before the waste). If that occurs, or if water fills the shower after flushing, a partial blockage in the drain is present. Get in touch with a reputable local plumber right once you discover either of these problems.

      Plumbing Leaks:

      Locked drains put too much strain on the pipes, which causes water to back up and seep through caulks and seals, leading to plumbing leaks. Plumbing leaks, however, sometimes go unreported until they have done major harm. Keep a watchful eye out for leaks, and as soon as you see any suspicious symptoms, contact the expert plumbers at Holymess Repairs right once.

      Water pollution:

      Water pollution is typically a drain blockage’s late-stage indication. Due to the direct contact between water and garbage, blocked drains can develop into a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Consuming contaminated water can have negative health impacts, such as causing skin irritation and water-borne illnesses. It’s time to call in expert plumbers for aid if you discover that the water in your home smells strange or looks to be dirty.

      Damage to the Home’s Structure:

      Consider how the Grand Canyon was shaped by the Colorado River’s long-lasting, steadily slow flow. Drain clogs that go untreated can harm your home’s structure in a similar way. The structural integrity of your walls and ceilings is in danger when water backs up into the drains and seeps into the foundations. Flooding could result if this problem is ignored for too long. It’s critical to get in touch with Holymess Repairs right away if you see water spots building up on your floors, walls, or ceilings.

      Existence of Rats and Insects:

      The increasing presence of rats and insects is another covert indicator of a blocked drain problem. The garbage that builds up around blocked drains attracts these pests because they see it as a source of food. It’s a certain sign of a blockage if you see an increase in the roach and rodent populations close to your pipes and drains. It is obvious that you need to call Holymess Repairs blocked drain services as soon as possible if this symptom appears together with any of the others on this list.

      Other Clever Signs to Look Out For

      There are two more typical but sometimes disregarded indicators of blocked drains in addition to the ten signs already listed which are:

      Accumulation of Dirty Water in the Yard:

      Blocked drain leaks can let water escape into your garden, causing puddles or even a pool of dirty water to accumulate. This can be a sign of a blocked stormwater drain. It’s crucial to avoid attempting to clean wastewater without the necessary safety gear because it can be dangerous. In such cases, get prompt assistance from a reputable neighbourhood plumber.

      Patches of Extremely Lush Green Grass:

      Plants need carbon dioxide to survive which is abundant in drainage pipes because of household waste components. It could be an obvious symptom of a blocked drain if you observe a section of your patio or garden that is abnormally lush and green compared to the rest. The pipe below the overgrown area may be leaking due to a blocked stormwater drain.

      Early intervention produces the finest outcomes

      It’s best to get in touch with professionals who can handle blocked drain difficulties right away rather than attempting to handle them yourself. Never ignore a blocked drain problem since it can cause serious long-term harm, especially if it compromises the structural integrity of your house.

      Contact a local emergency plumber who can address the issue at its source. Take this proactive step to guarantee your home’s drains are running properly and avoid future blockages when inspected and cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

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