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      You’ll Almost Wish
      For A Disastrous Mess,
      Just To Have Us Over

      A Friendly Face

      Meet our team: real people with a passion for what they do. Beyond the tools and expertise, you'll find stories, laughter, and a genuine desire to make your day better.

      Honest Words

      Jargons? Complicated terms? Not here. We believe in plain speaking. Whether it's discussing a quote or explaining an issue, expect clarity and honesty. You'll always be in the know.

      Fast Fixes, Forever Smiles

      When we fix something for you, we do it so well that you will feel happy about it, even though having a problem isn't pleasant. It's like when you have a great experience with a service that's so good you almost want to use it again.

      HolyMess Repairs Services You Can Trust

      We see your family's future Christmas gatherings in your home. Trust us to keep your home safe and comfortable for years to come.

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      Real Customers, Real Reviews

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      Excellent company to deal with.

      Kerry Deeker
      Image 2

      Yo, shoutout to Holy Mess Repairs for the dope job they did on my roof. Seriously, these guys are...

      Christopher Mckenzie
      Image 3

      Holy Mess Repairs is prompt, reliable, and provides top-notch service. If you're looking for a plumbing service that you...

      Ceasar Gerhard
      Image 4

      You guys saved my life! I was in a panic when my roof required urgent repair. But these people...

      William Thomas
      Image 5

      Professional business which is responsive and on time. They are happy to answer questions and seek to understand your...

      Michael McNulty
      Image 1

      Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, I engaged HolyMess Repairs to fix the hot water service as the solar function had broken due...

      Michael Tierney
      Image 2

      Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value , Great job, will use you again

      Mick Mash
      Image 3

      Excellent and professional service from Shane. Highly recommended

      Wendy Knowles
      Image 4

      Highly recommend this business, you won’t be disappointed. Very Professional, Responsive and Reliable!

      Andrea Castro
      Image 5

      Quality tradespeople, clear communicators and thorough quotations. More than happy to recommend this company for any roofing repairs. Chat...

      Matthew James Louis Buller

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      Our Registered Tradesperson

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      Futuristic Finesse
      For Aussie Repairs

      The world of trades is 30 years behind.

      How is it that we have gone from computers the size of houses to now fitting in the palm of our hands and at the same time our tradesmen are using the same systems that were built over 30 years ago.

      At Holymess Repairs, we are propelling you into the future, we believe we have created a world first repairs company that incorporates the best of modern technology.

      Experience Next-gen Trade Services

      We Are Growing To Be Australia's Most Loved

      • No Inflated Cost

        Fearing Inflation's Price Surge? HolyMess Repairs Model Keeps Costs in Check, So You Don't Break the Bank!

      • Reliable Warranty

        Found a tradie elsewhere who's top-notch? But when warranty whispers start, he's ghosting? We will never let that happen.

      • Built To Last

        While others go bankrupt, we're in the fast lane! Built to last with a pioneering model that will bring trust back into buildings in Australia.

      • Happy Tradie, Top Quality

        Happy tradies at our end means top-notch work for you. We lift them up, they level up your project!

      • Tradesman Drought? Not Here

        Skilled Tradies in Short Supply? Not for us. We will always have someone to send your way whenever you need us.

      We’re Not Just Another Trades Company, You're Not Just Another Job!

      When you first step into a room, you feel it.

      Every corner of your home tells a tale, from the mark on the wall from your child's first attempt at art, to the worn-out spot on the floor from years of family gatherings.

      The atmosphere, the memories, the warmth. You've worked hard to make your space uniquely yours, and we respect that deeply.

      At HolyMess Repairs, we not only come to fix a leak or mend a tile; we come to understand your story.

      Our Process: We Are An Open Book (Literally)

      At HolyMess Repairs, surprises are for birthdays, not bills. We believe you deserve to know every detail before we roll up our sleeves.

      1. Connect

      We chat. You tell, we listen.

      2. Inspection

      We assess the 'patient' (that's your home issue, by the way)

      3. Quote

      Here’s the upfront magic number. No strings (or hidden charges) attached.

      4. Let’s Get Repaired

      Our claim to fame is to give you full control over how you would like your job to be run. Imagine that!

      5. Feedback Loop

      Once done, we chat again. It’s a date to ensure you’re head over heels with our service. Your voice leads the way.

      6. No Last-Minute Add-Ons

      Your estimate is your final bill. Unless you decide on extra services, what you see upfront is what you get. No hidden costs, no sneaky add-ons.


      Does Your Trust Need To Be Earned? We Will Prove Ourselves!

      Why would I go through HolyMess Repairs when I can go directly to the tradesperson?

      You might think going directly to a tradesperson is cheaper or faster. But what if things don't go as planned? If there's an issue with our tradesperson, you have us to help resolve it. Our tradespeople have done 1000s of jobs. They follow detailed checklists to ensure everything is up to Australian regulations. If there are new rules, we make sure they know.

      With HolyMess Repairs, we have a big team to step in. We can handle many jobs at once. Let's say you have a big two-day roofing job, but some workers are absent, and rain is forecasted. We are 24/7 in touch with experts of this industry to help finish the job on time.

      If you still think it's better to go directly to a tradesperson, just tell us. We'll let you work with them directly.

      Do you guys do anything? Or are you just a ‘’middle man’’?

      Nope, we aren't just a "middle man". From the moment you call us, we're on it. We manage everything: from choosing the right person for your job, to overseeing the whole project, and even handling any after-job issues. We ensure all compliance checks are done.

      If anything goes wrong, from a tiny mark to big damages, you come straight to us. We handle it all. Let's say, a few years down the line, something comes up with a job we did. Maybe the tradesperson has retired or moved? Don't worry. We've got you covered. We're still responsible, always.

      Many companies avoid high-risk jobs like balcony renewals, gas work, water damage and roof repairs. But we step up. We've got checks in place to make sure everything's right. So, when you ask if we do anything, the answer is: We do everything, and we own up to it!

      Do you prioritize local tradespeople, or you find the cheapest labor?

      We don't go for the cheapest labor. Why? Because unreliable work can cause problems in the job, upset our valued customers, hurt our hard-earned reputation, and even result in financial loss.

      HolyMess Repairs believes in the value of good work. That's why our team focuses on quality and reliability. This helps both our tradespeople and ensures we keep costs reasonable for you.

      How would I know if you have done the work as required by the laws?

      We always make sure to follow the government's laws for each job. Depending on where the job is, we look to the right authority - like the Victorian Building Authority for Victoria, Access Canberra for Canberra and Fair Trading for New South Wales.

      Every job has a checklist to make sure we're following health, safety, and other important laws. In fact, it's required by law that jobs involving licensed trades have a compliance certificate. We use these checklists to make sure we don't miss anything and do everything by the book.

      Many companies skip a few rules or cut corners. But HolyMess is different. We even invite government agencies to check our work and make sure we're doing everything right. We always focus on following the laws and never want to break any.

      How do you ensure that the tradespeople, who actually do the hard work, get their fair share?

      HolyMess really cares about the people who work with us - our team members. We make sure they get paid a fantastic rate, sometimes even more than what's usual out there. Why? Because we've got their backs. They don't need to stress about phone calls after hours or any of the tricky stuff like warranties, paperwork, or rules. We’re doing it all for them.

      So, our tradies and plumbers don't need to spend hours on paperwork or stuff they don't like or aren't good at. From morning to evening, they focus on what they do best: their trade. Because of that, they earn more for their skills and hard work.

      You get someone fully focused on the job, not distracted by other tasks. So, you're not paying for any time wasted on things they aren't experts in. We take care of all the behind-the-scenes work. And that's our strength!

      Are your testimonials real, or another marketing trick?

      Absolutely, our testimonials are 100% real. If you're considering hiring us and want real proof of our work, you can do more than just read about it. Tell us you want to see a project we've done in your area. We'll show you the actual work, share pictures, and even introduce you to the homeowners we worked for.

      That way, you can talk to them directly, see our work quality, and get first hand feedback. We believe in transparency, so beyond written Google reviews, we're ready to show you real evidence of our commitment and quality.

      If I have a warranty, will you answer the call or ghost me?

      We really pride ourselves on our warranties. The whole idea behind offering a warranty is that our company promises to be there for you. If our business was to close, then we couldn't honor your warranty.

      But we work hard to make sure we're always here for you. Our goal is to be around for a long time, so you don't have to worry about us disappearing and leaving you hanging. Your trust matters to us!

      Beyond the services I pay for, what additional value does HolyMess bring to my home?

      So, once you've got your basic services, we come and do your roof. But what if it's 1 am, and you're worried about your water being turned off, or your house being disturbed? How can you sleep at night if it's going to be cold and there are issues? It's simple! Just get on the chat or call our office, and ask a question.

      Someone will be available 24/7 to respond. They'll let you know the plan for your house, reassure you that there's no need to turn off the water, and even help you with parking – we'll put a big bin there, so you can move your car easily.

      In an industry riddled with bankruptcies, could I lose my deposit and still no work is done?

      No, that won't happen with us. See, unlike many other companies, we don't have big fixed costs. Fixed costs mean things like storing lots of stuff, paying for a big office, or having a ton of permanent employees. Our pricing depends on how much work we do. The more work, the better the price for you.

      And here's the best part: we don't get ourselves into huge debts like some other construction companies. When we take on a job, we make sure everyone gets paid, and everything goes smoothly. So, don't worry about losing your deposit with us. It won't happen!

      If I have an urgent problem with the work, do you solve problems or just pass me from one department to the other?

      When you have a problem, you can jump onto our company chat. Everyone, like the tradesperson who was at your place, the manager, the office team, and even the call center folks, they're all there in your chat. So, if something's not right, pop in and say, "Hey, there was an issue with the work at my place." No need to bounce around different departments.

      We'll jump on it and get you a fix right away. Or you can give us a ring, and it's the same deal. We don't pass the buck; we're all about sorting things out for you straight up.

      Do you actually know Australian homes, or are you applying a one-size-fits-all approach?

      We totally get your concern. When someone from our team visits your house, they've been in the trades for years. So, they're not just using past experiences as a guide. They look at your unique situation. Everyone's home and problem is different, so our solutions are tailored for you.

      Only the qualified folks work at your place. They've got all the right papers and licenses. You can always ask them for an ID or their license. And, guess what? On our website, we have this cool feature where you can check if any tradesperson is legit or not, no matter which company they're from in Australia. So, you're always in safe hands with us!

      Will I be stuck with bots and automated responses when I need real human assistance?

      Nope, we don't use bots. A lot of companies use shortcuts like answering machines, but we believe in real people helping. Our actual trained project managers are ready to help. Every person and their problem is unique. If you have a burst pipe or flooding, you might just want a quick fix to get through the night and not a complete overhaul. We get that. We’re here to offer real, tailored solutions for your unique needs. No bots, just humans here to help.

      Are you another technological entrepreneur trying to profit from the hard work of your everyday tradesperson?

      Well, it may seem like we're another tech business trying to profit, but that's not the whole picture. HolyMess Repairs is here to make life easier for both tradespeople and customers.

      For the tradespeople, we're taking away their stress. Instead of them worrying about where their next job will come from or what to do on a rainy day, we step in. They only do what they love - their trade - and we handle the rest. It's like they're thinking, "This is why I chose this profession!"

      We also help with any new rules, safety issues, and make sure they're all trained, licensed, and insured. For you, the customer, you won't face issues like a tradesperson running off with your deposit. We're a reputable company. We're here to stay.

      We've also worked really hard to solve common issues, like trust in tradespeople, their skills, and even if you don’t get along with one, we can swap them out for another. This didn't happen overnight. We've spent countless hours to make sure everyone - both tradespeople and customers - are happy. We want you to feel safe and satisfied, knowing you're getting quality work at a fair price.

      What’s the idea / philosophy behind the name ‘’HolyMess Repairs?’’

      Well, think about how we switched from taxis to Uber or from hotels to Airbnbs. It's all about having the right info and using it to help people. That's what we do. We've tried so many products, like hot water systems, and we know which ones work best in places like Canberra.

      Some products work better in certain weather, and we know that because we have 1000s of data points from lots of jobs we've done. This data helps us be better than others. We've checked and made sure that our people are good and that we'll always be there for you if something goes wrong. With local tradespeople, you might be relying on luck, but with us, you're sure we've got your back.

      How can I be sure you’re not using low-quality materials for my home repairs to save on cost?

      HolyMess Repairs is always open about the quality of materials. We use materials that meet Australian standards. We won't save a few dollars using untested materials because it could harm our reputation. Some builders use stuff that's not up to mark, like certain waterproofing products or hot water systems.

      But for us, every invoice and quote will tell you exactly what materials we're using. They have proper ratings and warranties. So, you can trust us not to use anything below the Australian standards. If you have special needs, we can even show you different options to choose from for your home."

      If the tradesperson who did the work is no longer available, how will you handle warranties?

      If the tradesperson who did the work is no longer available, we will jump in and do the work. At HolyMess Repairs, we go the extra mile to ensure your peace of mind. Even if it's years later and they're not around, whether they've moved away or retired, don't worry! We'll step in and fix it, honoring the warranty. It's our job, and we take full responsibility. When it comes down to it, all concerns and issues come straight to us.

      In Australia the majority of businesses will go bankrupt, then what good is warranty?

      We've set our business up to avoid high costs, which helps keep us from going bankrupt. A warranty is only useful if the company is around to honor it, right? And we aim to be that company. Our big goal is to become Australia's go-to place for repairs. If we don't stand by our warranties, we'd never achieve that.

      Other companies might offer lifetime or 10-year warranties, but they are scamming in most of the cases. We're working to build a legacy where every Aussie thinks of us first for repairs. We want to be known as the team that always figures things out, no matter the challenge, rain or shine.

      The reason we can promise this? We've got strong systems in place, our tradies love working with us, our staff is top-notch, and we've done this successfully 1000s of times. We're confident about now and even more excited for the future.

      With all the tech talk, how secure is my personal data with you?

      Your personal data is totally safe with us. We only use Australian-based customer relationship managers (CRMs). Our main platform is Google, which is super secure. All our CRMs are based in Australia. If we ever think of using a platform outside of Australia, we'll definitely tell everyone.

      People are choosing UBER over taxis

      Also Airbnb over hotels

      HolyMess Repairs is on the similar path, but not exactly. We are doing something that has never been done before. We don’t just take on a job and then hope for the best. We take FULL OWNERSHIP of your job. From the moment you call us, we are by your side. We don’t know any other organization that is willing to take on the responsibility we take on. So, even if one nail is knocked in the wrong place, we will redo your job to how it should be. We promise to complete work exactly how you expected. At HolyMess Repairs, there is no passing the buck.

      holymess and other trades company

      Your job has a time limit. The longer it takes to get done, the higher the cost or inconvenience you will have. While waiting, you may have further damages to your building. Most companies don’t have availability to get complex jobs done on short notice. You have to wait days to weeks to months. At HolyMess Repairs, we have solved the time constraint and can assure work is done within the requested time frame.

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