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    Filled with doubt and anxiety 😩 about choosing a roofer? Worry no more!

    We guarantee to impress you. If you're not head over heels ecstatic 🤸 with the advice given by our roofer, we pay you $99 to your account or charity of your choice


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      Let's Revive Our
      Building Industry

      Free Tickets For Invites Only, No Door Entry

      Trades Business Owners


      Project Managers


      Local Builders


      Real Estate Agents


      Money Doesn’t Make The World Go Round. It’s Trust In
      Each Other, Economy, Laws & The Aussie Way of Life.

      This day is for you to shine. This is your chance to put your name out there. Join this event, introduce yourself and your services to the right people and let's drive our local economy forward!

      Invites Are Welcomed To Bring 3 of Their
      Children, Family Members, Friends or
      Work Colleagues With Them.

      Meet With Other Businesses Who Need Your Services

      Meet Real-Estate Agents, Builders, Project Managers, Trades
      Business Owners and many others to build working relationships.

      Dates For ACT & NSW Events Are Announcing Soon

      So, you live outside Victoria?

      No problem! We're bringing our exciting meetups to Canberra and New South Wales too.

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      Free Admission
      For Invites Only

      Set against the backdrop of a fun-filled theme park, this
      gathering will not only be about business, but also rekindling
      trust and forming new friendships.

        Victoria Has Lost Its Number One Ranking

        We Can't Wait For Our Politicians To Fix The Economy

        We’ve all heard the promises, seen the Government policies and waited for change. But the politicians are going to let us down.

        Let’s go back to face to face and tradies to tradies interactions and revive the economy.

        Your next partnership, your biggest project, or your most lucrative deal is one handshake away.

        We've Chosen The Most Entertaining Venue In The Whole Of Melbourne

        When you walk into Funfields Theme Park, it's like stepping into a world of fun. Your kids will
        point at the bright, exciting rides, their faces full of smiles and excitement. The smell of
        yummy food fills the air.

        The food you’ll eat here is so delicious that it makes you happy with every bite. This place is
        for everyone – you'll chat, meet new faces, and build long-term business connections, all
        while having a great time.

        More Than an Event,
        A Day Out For Your Family!

        Your hard work lights up homes and cities, but the brightest spark is always within your family. That's why we invite not only you, but your loved ones to join us in celebrating the spirit of meeting face to face.

        It's a day for your partner to feel proud, for your kids to be inspired, and for you to feel supported not only by your peers but by those who matter most.

        • Fun for All: From thrilling rides for the kids to relaxed spaces for your partner, there's something for everyone. Your family can enjoy various stalls, delicious food, and bask in the lively atmosphere of the event.
        • Future Inspirations: It's a chance for the younger ones to learn and be inspired by the world of trades and construction. Who knows, it might spark a future career interest!
        • Memorable Moments: Life’s busy schedule makes family time scarce. This event offers a day of quality time, creating memories that will be cherished for years.
        • Relax & Chill: Dedicated areas where families can relax, enjoy casual conversations, and take a break from the hustle of everyday life. Picture yourself lounging in cozy bean bags and sipping on refreshing beverages with your better half.

        4 Reasons Why You Should Miss This Golden Opportunity

        Your Business Grows On Trees

        If you think everything's perfect in your business life, money's flooding in, your kids are in the best schools and you’re living in your dream house, then why bother? Stay calm and let other business owners climb higher. Trees in your backyard must be growing crisp dollar bills!

        Networking? No Thanks

        Is your phone ringing off the hook with too many business collaboration offers? Are clients knocking at your door and you can't handle any more success? Say no to your fellow builder, project manager and next big job. Sitting this one out makes sense.

        Your Future Can Wait

        Dear big deals and partnerships, I’m having rest this Saturday or too busy with my next $200 job. I can’t find time to go for a face to face interaction worth thousands of dollars. Let's catch up next year. Keep in mind, opportunities don't always wait around, and sometimes “later” becomes “never.”

        You Want To Stay Invisible

        Happy being a small fish in a big pond? If you want Victorians don’t find you when they need a trades company, builder or a real estate agent, then missing this meetup is the way to go. Let your competitors have the spotlight. They are getting the very stage you’re avoiding.

        Who’s Invited?

        Trades Business Owner/Manager

        Real Estate Agents


        Insurance Assesses

        Strata Managers

        Government Tenders

        Facility Managers

        National Disability Insurance Scheme

        Defense Contractors


        Funfields Themepark, Melbourne
        2365 Plenty Rd, Whittlesea VIC 3757,