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        Plumbing Problems in Canberra? HolyMess Has It Covered

        Have you ever had one of those plumbing nightmares in Canberra? We've all been there. But here’s a lifesaver: HolyMess Repairs.

        Our licensed Canberra plumbers are around 24/7, ready to swoop in and fix those plumbing issues.

        Spot a leak or a cold shower on a frosty morning? Simply contact HolyMess Repairs and in 1-2 minutes we will connect you with a licensed plumber pronto. Fast, friendly, and no fuss!

        Once you try HolyMess Repairs, you'll wonder how you ever managed without us. Convinced? Well, we’ll be expecting your call.


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        Our Plumbing Services In Canberra


        Got a sudden plumbing leak? While most companies claim they're fast and then leave you hanging, our emergency plumbers won’t. Hit us up and you'll have a plumber faster than you can finish an episode on Netflix.

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        Pipes throwing a surprise water party in your bathroom? From burst pipes to general plumbing, trust me we’ve seen it all. Don’t let your bathroom become the next flooding of Monloglo River. Give us a ring and we’ll get things flowing right.

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        A blocked drain can be the 110th most annoying thing in the world, trailing behind unexpected rain after a car wash and phone calls during your favorite show. Before the frustration of a blocked drain gets to you, give us a shout. We'll spring into action, ensuring your drains flow freely once more.

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        If your hot water is giving you the cold shoulder, let us step in as your hot water heroes. Those toasty, perfect showers? We'll have them back in a flash. Let us be your “warmth warriors,” ensuring your water's steaming in no time."

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        DON'T call us if your house is on fire, that's a job for the brave firefighters! But we know that gas-related problems in your home aren't just technical issues – they affect your day-to-day life. From enjoying a warm shower to cooking a comforting meal, we will get your living essentials back on track.

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        Got a suspicion there's a water leak playing hide and seek in your home? Before you start playing detective with a flashlight, give us a shout. Our water leak detection pros use state of the art equipment to track down even the slyest of leaks, restoring dryness to your home.

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        Heating and cooling systems are the unsung heroes of your home. Whether it's family movie night or a sleepover for the kids, they make everyone feel cozy and comfy. When these systems aren't working well, they can turn happy family moments into discomfort. We understand these hiccups better than anyone. With our expert plumbing services, you never have to let such issues spoil your cherished family moments.

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        Damaged tiles inside the shower area can cause water to seep underneath and ruin the look of your bathroom. Our plumbers are here to turn those annoying drips into comforting showers. We fix those unwanted leaks and waterproof your whole bathroom area. HolyMess Repairs ensures every droplet refreshes your soul and washes away the stress in your life.

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        Canberrans, Don’t Get Caught Up in a Plumbing Scam

        Canberra is known for traveling plumbers who do low-quality jobs. You never hear from them again and they move to the next town. Please see the official Access Canberra list of the only plumbers who should be at your premises.

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        Quality Over Compromise: Our Promise to Canberra

        It's a bummer, but the word around is that some Australian plumbers are working unlicensed, cutting corners and using second-rate materials. No wonder some repairs fizzle out faster than a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon.

        That's not us, one of our core values is quality over compromise.

        At HolyMess Repairs, We're proud to be Access Canberra Certified. Every Aussie trained plumber in Canberra we give you is licensed, skilled, and only uses top-tier materials.

        Worried about the cost? We’re both affordable and top-notch. And, to show we mean business, we offer a 10% price beat guarantee.

        We are so confident in our plumbers, that if you do not love their advise we will pay you $99.

        So next time you're looking for a plumber in Canberra that doesn't just do the job but absolutely nails it, remember we're always ready for on the spot plumbing repair.

        Choose quality. Choose licensed plumbers. Choose HolyMess Repairs.

        Reliable Plumbing Service In Canberra: Why People Trust Us


        Real Plumbers

        We commit to excellence by providing strictly licensed plumbers, consistently achieving a 99.99% success rate in all tasks. Excellence isn't our goal—it's our standard.


        Quality Materials

        We offer affordability without compromising on the quality of materials, collaborating exclusively with certified vendors and trusted manufacturers.


        All About You

        When you need us we will be on the phone 24 hours a day solving your problem. Our customers remain top priority at all times.

        How HolyMess Repairs Works in Canberra?

        # 01.

        Expert Consultation

        Contact our team of skilled plumbers to experience the best in plumbing services.

        # 02.

        Site Inspection

        Let our Access Canberra licensed plumbers conduct a thorough inspection to identify the issues in your heating system, toilet, drains or pipes.

        # 03.

        Hassle-Free Service

        Sit back & relax. HolyMess Repairs takes care of your home. From minor water leaks to major emergencies, we'll repair any plumbing issue and make sure you feel safe at your home.

        # 04.

        Happy Living Space

        Our plumbers love the thrill of using their skills to fix impossible emergencies and put a smile on your face. Say goodbye to leaking pipes and drainage issues. Just peace of mind and comfort under a secure roof!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I hire a professional local plumber?

        When hiring a local plumber in Canberra, here are the three things you need to know:

        Check Registration: Every plumber should be registered with Access Canberra. There are 3 different levels:

        • Licensed Plumber: This is the top level. They can work alone.

        • Journeyman: Almost a licensed plumber, but not quite there.

        • Apprentices: They are learning. They shouldn’t work alone.

        Ask for their Access Canberra ID and check it on the official website. Different plumbers specialize in different things like gas, water, or drains. So, make sure their registration matches the job.

        Public Liability Insurance: It covers any damages they might cause to your home.

        Professionalism: It's about resolving disagreements in a positive way. A good plumber will always aim for a solution that makes both parties happy.

        Do pipes freeze in Canberra?

        Yes, pipes can freeze in Canberra. Canberra’s location leads to extreme weather with blistering hot days and freezing cold nights. To prevent this, we recommend using lagging. Lagging is a special insulation material wrapped around pipes to keep them warm and prevent freezing. This helps in retaining the heat and thus, prevents the pipes from freezing. It's a highly effective method to safeguard your plumbing during the colder months. Circulation water pump

        Do pipes always burst when they freeze?

        Pipes don't always burst when they freeze. The risk depends on factors like the age of the pipe and how quickly the temperature changes. If a pipe gets very cold at night and then is quickly warmed up by the morning sun, it can be at risk. This is because metals like copper, which many pipes are made of, don't flex much. So, when there's a rapid change from cold to hot, the metal moves and there's a greater chance it could break, especially at joints or weak spots.

        How do HolyMess plumbers unfreeze pipes?

        At HolyMess Repairs, we don't usually try to unfreeze pipes directly. The safest method is to patiently wait for them to melt on their own. However, in emergency repair situations, we use Mapp gas to gently heat up the pipes and melt the ice inside. But we avoid heating an entire line because the extreme temperature differences can damage the pipe due to the movement of the metal.

        Do your plumbers still use PVC?

        Yes, we use PVC for drainage, like stormwater or sewer drains. This includes the storm water drains from your gutters going under the ground and beneath the sink. When water flows away, whether it's sewer water or rainwater going from the gutter to the downpipe, it's all through PVC. PVC is the latest technology. Before, we had terracotta, but now, whether it's a commercial place or a high-rise building, PVC is the go-to material.

        How much do emergency plumbers charge in Canberra?

        Emergency call-out costs in Canberra usually vary from around $110 to as much as $300, $400 or $500. The exact amount often depends on which plumbing company you're working with.

        If the company operates a 24-hour call center, their operating expenses are higher because they offer round-the-clock support, a service not every company provides. As a result, these companies may charge a bit more to cover their costs and provide you the emergency service.

        Can you help with burst pipe repairs?

        We're experts at fixing burst pipes, following Australia's strong guidelines. These guidelines make sure everything's uniform, so when we come to your home, we know what to work with. Our team is packed with experience and the right tools for the job, whether it's plastic, metal, or any other material. Sometimes, if your pipe is old and rusty, we face challenges fixing it. In such cases, we might need to replace a larger part of it to ensure a sturdy fix.

        What questions should I ask a plumber?

        It's essential to ask the following questions to ensure you're getting quality work.

        1. Licensing & Registration:
        • Can I see your license?

        • Are you registered with Access Canberra?

        • Are you qualified for the specific work (like drainage) you're doing at my house?

        2. Experience & Background:
        • How long have you been a plumber?

        • Where did you get trained?

        3. Warranty & Dispute Resolution:
        • How do you handle disputes?

        • What are the warranty terms?

        4. Pricing & Work Quality:
        • Do you provide an upfront price for the job? It is essential as some plumbers drag out a job if they're charging by the hour.

        • What guarantees do you offer on your work?

        • Can I expect a compliance certificate after the work? This certificate ensures that the job meets Australian standards and is a requirement by the law.

        Getting clarity on these points ensures quality work without unnecessary delays.

        Can I do my own plumbing in Australia?

        No, you can't. Doing your own plumbing can risk people's health, especially with gas, which can cause gas poisoning and even death. Only licensed plumbers can do the work.

        Some plumbers need a high-level registration to work solo. If they're below that level, they need supervision from a licensed person. Sadly, many companies let workers operate without proper licensing. So, when a plumber visits your home, it's good to ask about their registration level. Many may be working without proper authorization.

        What is the best plumbing material used by HolyMess tradespeople?

        Before importing any product to Australia, it must meet specific Australian standards, especially for parts. For all our plumbing projects, we trust materials with atleast a "three-star WELS" rating, a mark of top-quality that meets Australian standards regardless of the supplier. We'd advise you to always look for this when considering plumbing solutions. We've had great success with brands like Reece. After all, we always aim for the best, just as we do for you! Reece products have gone through years of usage and are trusted.

        What are the signs that I might have a gas leak in my home?

        Australian gas has a unique smell. If you detect this distinct odor like rotten eggs, it can be a sign of a gas leak. You shouldn't ignore even the smallest hint of this smell because gas leaks quickly become dangerous, leading to potential explosions or damaged appliances.

        If you suspect a gas leak:

        • Go to your gas meter and turn it off immediately.

        • Call a plumber who is licensed in gas work and has equipment to detect leaks.

        • Always ask the plumber if they have specific equipment to detect leaks. With the right tools, they can pinpoint a leak quickly, even behind walls. Without them, finding the leak takes much longer.

        • Gas leaks aren't just from pipes or stovetops. They can also come from gas heaters. If you have a gas heater, it's a good practice to get a carbon monoxide test every two years.

        What should I do if I have a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night?

        If you ever face a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night, don't panic. Firstly, always have a go-to emergency plumber's number saved – trust me, it's a lifesaver. If water's gushing out, turn off your water meter, and grab some towels to limit the mess. Gas leak? Turn off the gas and air out your house by opening windows and doors. And if you ever smell a strong gas scent, get outside and call for help. Just remember, there are pros out there equipped for these moments, so always reach out when in doubt.

        How quickly can I expect HolyMess emergency plumber to arrive?

        In an emergency, you can expect plumbers to arrive swiftly. In the best-case scenario, they'll be there within 30 to 45 minutes. However, on average, it might take two to three hours. Generally, if you call promptly, most plumbers should be at your location within an hour.

        Will you install heat pumps?

        We do install heat pumps. However, in Canberra, because of the shifting hot and cold weather, they have some issues. While other parts of Australia get warm water all year from heat pumps, in Canberra, they work well only for about three to four months. The changing temperatures make them break down faster here. So, even though we can set them up for you, please be aware they might not last as long or work as consistently in Canberra due to the weather.

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        Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value , Great job, will use you again

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        Excellent and professional service from Shane. Highly recommended

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        Highly recommend this business, you won’t be disappointed. Very Professional, Responsive and Reliable!

        Andrea Castro

        Quality tradespeople, clear communicators and thorough quotations. More than happy to recommend this company for any roofing repairs. Chat...

        Matthew James Louis Buller

        People are choosing uber over taxi’s

        Also Airbnb over hotels

        Holymess Repairs is on the similar path, but not exactly. We are doing something that has never been done before . We don’t just take on a job and then hope for the best. We take FULL OWNERSHIP of your job. From the moment you call us, we are by your side. We don’t know any other organization that is willing to take on the responsibility we take on. So if even if one nail is knocked in the wrong place , we will redo your job to how it should be. We promise to complete work exactly how you expected.  At Holymess Repairs  there is no passing the buck.

        holymess and other trades company

        Your job has a time limit. The longer it takes to get done , the higher the cost or inconvenience you will have. While waiting you may have further damages to your building. Most companies don’t have availability to get complex jobs done on short notice. You have have to wait days to weeks to months. At HolyMess Repairs we have solved the time constraint and can assure work is done within the requested time frame.


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