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      Emergency Roof Repair
      Service In Melbourne

      So Good, You'll Want to Tell Your Friends About Us

      Two roof specialists are working on repairing a roof, An office staff female is listening to query of a customer on a call, Roof plumber is fixing a roof by using hammer, Many people shaking hands together as a result of getting good service from roofing company

      Emergency Roof Leak? We're on It in 60 Minutes!

      When the unpredictable Melbourne weather wages war on your roof, every second
      counts. That's why we promise to be on our way in 60 minutes or less.






      We guarantee to be there in an hour or we pay you $150 for your lost time.

      What You Get From Choosing Us

      Ever used Uber and enjoyed the experience? We’re quite similar, but for trades.

      Interest-Free Repairs

      No need to put off urgent roof repairs due to budget problems. We have partnered with Humm to offer easy roof-repayment. No upfront fees. Get your roof fixed right away & pay later in weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments. Our team can help you with the application process and gain approval in minutes after reaching your house.

      Registered Roof Plumbers

      HolyMess roofers are registered with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). We do every repair following strict Government guidelines. Our team uses a detailed checklist for every job, making sure nothing is missed. After we complete the job, we provide a compliance certificate, guaranteeing the work is up to Victorian code.

      Third-Party Review

      You wouldn't take untested medicine, and you shouldn't let a company do work on your roof that they don't stand behind. Hence the need for reviews from outside sources. We are the only roofing company that makes sure the work meets government standards by having a third party look it over.

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      When Melbourne Calls for Urgent Roof
      Repairs- We Never Disappoint

      That moment when Your Melbourne Roof Shouts for Attention, HolyMess Repairs is Your Hero!

      In the land down under, where roofs battle the elements, HolyMess Repairs stands tall as your trusted Melbourne roofing champ. We bring a treasure trove of expertise and are all set to zip over for anything from urgent fixes to grand roof restorations.

      At HolyMess Repairs, our Melbourne roofing pros are up for any challenge you toss our way. Here’s what we can do for you:

      Our Emergency Roof Repair Services In Melbourne Include:

      No matter the challenge, our skilled roofers are ready with the right solution. So when your Melbourne roof gets a bit cheeky, remember HolyMess Repairs is just a shout away. We don’t just mend roofs; we send the ideal pro to your doorstep, ready to fix up your roof in true Melbourne style!

      What Is Your Roof Repair
      Melbourne Emergency?

      Two men are holding buckets and collecting water underneath from the leaking roof

      Roof Leak

      Blocked gutters and a roofer is trying to unblock them by removing waste material

      Blocked Gutters

      Stormy weather conditions damaging the upper part of a roof and a fallen tree

      Storm Damage

      A tradesperson cleaning the water leaked surface and inspecting roof for waterproofing

      Waterproofing Failure

      Broken tiles ripped off above the roof

      Broken Tiles

      An emergency tarp is placed on the roof to cover it and stopping further water leakage inside the home

      Emergency Tarp Cover

      A tradesman is removing debris from the dirty roof which as part of the cleaning process

      Debris Removal

      Use of latest technology to detect water leaks inside the house and then fixing them

      Leak Detection

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        Rely on Our Fast-Acting Team for Emergency Roof Repairs in Melbourne


        Roof Leaks

        Melbourne's weather can be tough on roofs. We'll find and fix those sneaky leaks with our top-notch emergency repair skills. No drips on our watch!


        Blocked Gutters

        Keep Melbourne's rain in the sky, not in your home. Our rapid gutter-clearing service ensures smooth flow, keeping your abode comfortably dry and drip-free.


        Broken Tiles

        Got a few battle scars on your roof? No worries! We specialize in replacing broken tiles quickly and seamlessly, keeping your home safe and looking great.


        Leak Detection

        Are you wrestling with hidden leaks? Fear not! Our advanced leak detection technology outsmarts the sneakiest drips, swiftly safeguarding your home from water woes.


        Debris Removal

        Tackle that rooftop clutter with ease! Our efficient crew will whisk away any debris, leaving your roof clean and prepared for whatever the weather brings.


        Storm Damage

        After wild storms, your roof might take a hit. But don't worry, we're here to help! Our team provides swift, effective repairs to fix storm damage and bring your roof back to its prime condition.


        Emergency Tarp Cover

        In Melbourne, when harsh winds, tree falls, or unexpected fire damage strike, our emergency roof tarp services are your first line of defense, safeguarding your home from further harm.


        Waterproofing Failure

        Battling with waterproofing failure? We know how it feels. Let our experts step in. We'll fix those leaks efficiently, ensuring your home stays dry, secure, and snug in any emergency situation.

        Don’t Get Scammed By Roofers Traveling
        From State To State

        Melbourne is known for traveling roof plumbers. You never hear from them again and they move to the next town with a new business name. They keep changing states from New South Wales to Canberra to Melbourne.

        These dishonest roofing cowboys falsely claim to be local companies. They pay real roofers some money to use their business name. They rip people off, break promises, charge very high prices and do really crappy repairs.

        And when you ask the local company for a claim, you hear, “It wasn’t us, you hired someone else - a traveler who’s now long gone.”

        With HolyMess Repairs, you can sit back and watch the rain pour down. No more buckets to catch drips and no more stress about the next big storm. We fix your roof using the best Australian standard materials that will last for years to come.

        Two roof specialists are working on repairing a roof, An office staff female is listening to query of a customer on a call, Roof plumber is fixing a roof by using hammer, Many people shaking hands together as a result of getting good service from roofing company

        6 Clear Signs You Need Emergency Roof Service

        Ignoring these signs leads to severe problems and costly repairs down the line. If you spot any of the below issues, call HolyMess Repairs for an immediate roofing service.

        1. Spots on the Walls

        Water spots on interior or exterior walls are alarming & indicate water seeping through the roof and into your home. Due to this moisture, walls become weak and might even start to crumble.

        2. Sagging Gutters

        Gutters keep water flowing away from your house. They sag due to too much weight of debris or filled water & harm your roof's fascia. It results in water pooling around your home's foundation and forms cracks.

        3. Water Stains on Ceiling

        Orange sized brown stains on the ceiling are a direct indication of a leaky roof. If the water damage gets worse, it makes the weakened ceiling collapse or fall apart and is dangerous for your family.

        4. Roof Light Show

        Seeing daylight through your roof? It means there are holes due to damaged tiles or shingles and rainwater & pests can enter. If you don’t repair it, be ready to collect water in buckets in the next rainfall.

        5. Mold Growth on Roof

        Green mold on the roof is a sign of excessive moisture buildup due to poor ventilation or water damage. It spreads quickly, can grow inside as well, contaminates air quality and potentially causes health issues.

        6. Damage Around Chimney

        Leaks around chimneys form because of cracks or gaps between the metal flashing. If chimney damage isn't repaired right away, water can keep getting in and cause the metal parts of your roof to rust.

        Talk To A Qualified Expert

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        What To Do Before Help Arrives?

        Little sweet girl in front of a damaged house due to a heavy storm
        • Safety First

          Safety is paramount when severe weather batters your roof. Clear out and protect everyone if the damage is severe.

        • Limit the Damage

          Melbournians know how to make do! If you can, pop a bucket under any leaks to curb indoor water damage.

        • Hold Off on DIY

          Tempted to fix it yourself? Best not. You might end up causing more harm to your roof or yourself. Professionals are on their way.

        • Call HolyMess Repairs

          Get in touch with us and we'll be your guide until we reach your doorstep. Don't let roof troubles get worse. Be swift, be savvy, and leave it to HolyMess Repairs – Melbourne's roofing experts for emergencies.

        A mobile phone screen showing sms conversation between a client/homeowner and HolyMess Repairs roofer

        Real-Time Chat, Real-Time Progress on Your Urgent Roof Repair

        If a storm damages your roof, our first step is to quickly cover it with a tarp to prevent further water damage. Then we start doing the permanent repair.

        We add you to a central chat where you are assigned a highly competent project manager, licensed roofer and other tradespeople who will be on your roof.

        You can be at home or miles away in the office at work. HolyMess Repairs keeps you in the loop. Our team sends you pictures and videos of how we are repairing your roof.

        That means from the moment you reach out to us, until we say “All done!”, you can see the progress of your roof repairs.

        If you have any questions or worries, send a message in the chat. Your project manager or one of the roofers will answer you quickly.

        A mobile phone screen showing sms conversation between a client/homeowner and HolyMess Repairs roofer

        Shady Roofers Could Turn Your Emergency into a Nightmare!

        Don't Fall Prey to Unqualified Repairmen

        In Melbourne's emergency roofing scene, it's vital to have a roofer who’s not just good, but trustworthy and registered.

        Yes, you could ask pals and kin for suggestions, but how to be sure?
        Ask HolyMess Repairs.

        Consider us your extended family in the roofing realm.

        When it comes to emergency roof repairs in Melbourne, we don't just send anyone; we send the best.

        The roofers we send are certified and meet strict government criteria.

        When your Melbourne roof calls for urgent help, remember: HolyMess Repairs sends only the best, government-approved roofers to your doorstep. Because when it comes to your home, only the best will do.

        Hours Response time

        get the best roof Inspection call us now. 0489 925 595


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        Highly recommend this business, you won’t be disappointed. Very Professional, Responsive and Reliable!

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        Matthew James Louis Buller

        Our Roof Repairs Are Trusted By Leading Businesses Across Melbourne

        We keep your homes safe and sound even in the wildest storms, like a reliable umbrella in the rain.

        Housing Vic brand in Victoria for public housing renters
        National Disability Insurance Scheme of Australian Government
        Ventia: One of largest essential services providers in Australia
        Spotless: A Downer Company which delivers innovative solutions to Aussie and New Zealand organizations
        Emergency Trades Services providing most efficient urgent repairs
        The Scotia Group that offers building repairs and maintenance to the strata industry in Victoria
        Rutherfords Real Estate brand in Thomastown providing industrial sales and property management across Melbourne

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I stop my roof from leaking emergency?

        If your roof starts leaking unexpectedly, don’t panic – there are 5 easy steps to manage the situation!

        • Start by grabbing some towels and use them to soak up the water. Pile them & create a barrier to prevent the water from spreading into other rooms.

        • Next, get some buckets and place them beneath the leak to catch the water.

        • In case of a heavy downpour, consider renting a water pump from a local hardware store. This will help you channel the water out of your home efficiently.

        • Covering the leak with a tarp is another option, but be cautious about climbing onto a slippery roof. You could hurt yourself.

        • Lastly, if the leak becomes uncontrollable, it's wise to call the SES (State Emergency Service). They’re equipped to deal with such emergencies and can ensure everything is managed safely.

        How do you use an emergency roof seal?

        Applying an emergency roof seal requires expertise. First, it's important to thoroughly dry the leaky area. This is done using a cloth, a heat gun, or Mapp gas to ensure complete dryness. Once dry, we apply a specially chosen sealant.

        The beauty of this sealant is its ability to set even in slightly wet conditions. However, not all sealants suit every roof type. We select the appropriate one based on your roof's characteristics.

        • For roofs exposed to a lot of sunlight and varying weather, we opt for acrylic coatings, which are great for UV and weather resistance, though not ideal for flat roofs.

        • In regions with frequent heavy rainfall, silicone coatings are our choice.

        • And for areas prone to hail, polyurethane coatings are our go-to. Each sealant type has its advantages, and we carefully select the one that best fits your roof's specific needs.

        Can you patch a roof when it is wet?

        Absolutely, patching a wet roof right away is something we can handle. We start by applying a specialized silicon or paint designed for wet areas. These materials are effective for sealing in damp conditions. Should this approach not be ideal for the specific case, we have a backup plan. Our skilled roof plumbers cover the affected area with a tarp or protective layer. This temporary solution protects the area from additional damage while we prepare a more lasting fix.

        Can a roof leak stop on its own?

        Unfortunately, a roof leak won’t just stop or improve by itself. Once a leak begins, it typically gets worse over time. The incoming water increases the dampness and leads to various issues including mold growth. It is harmful for your health.

        Visible water stains on walls and ceilings are common signs. A major concern is when water comes into contact with electrical wiring. This poses a significant fire risk. Therefore, addressing a roof leak promptly upon detection is essential otherwise it will not resolve itself.

        Can you fix a leaking roof in the rain?

        In cases of heavy rainfall, we initiate emergency measures. Our professionals promptly secure the leaky area with a tarp, ensuring it's tightly fastened. Incorrectly tied tarps risk being torn off by strong winds. This task is demanding, particularly because we take care to avoid tearing the tarp while securing it. This temporary solution is vital to stop water from getting in until we can carry out a complete roof repair.

        Are you licensed and insured for emergency roofing services?

        Absolutely. Our roof plumbers are registered and licensed with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to do emergency repairs of all kinds. You can go to our website’s homepage and check the name of anybody coming to your house. We have this cool feature to help you know if the person at your premises is legally allowed to do that specific job or not.

        Also, when we are on your roof, everything our team does is insured. This means if something unexpected happens while we're repairing your roof, don't worry – our insurance has got it covered. HolyMess Repairs takes full ownership of the work from start to finish.

        What steps should I take to minimize damage before your team arrives for an emergency repair?

        While you're waiting for HolyMess Repairs to handle a roofing emergency, there are several things you can do to protect your home.

        • Firstly, clear any fallen debris inside your home, but be cautious. Avoid handling anything sharp or overly heavy.

        • Next, consider electrical safety. It's wise to shut off the power, especially if there are electrical lines near the leak. This helps avoid potential hazards.

        • In case of severe danger, don't hesitate to leave your home temporarily.

        • Remember to safeguard important documents by storing them in plastic bags to keep them dry.

        • Protect your furniture and electronics from water damage using waterproof covers or sheets. Lastly, placing a bucket or container under the leak can help catch dripping water and reduce indoor water damage.

        Will you assist in documenting damage for insurance claims?

        Yes, we provide the necessary documentation and work details for your insurance claim process. Sometimes, insurance companies make it hard to file a claim. With all their questions and tight deadlines, it might feel like they're trying to avoid paying what you rightfully deserve. But don't worry, we've prepared 100s of reports and have the process down to a science. Every report we create clearly outlines what needs to be done to fix your property. It ensures you can make a legitimate claim with your insurer.

        How quickly can you install a tarp in an emergency situation?

        When we arrive for an emergency situation, we start working immediately. The time it takes to install a tarp varies from as little as 15 minutes to up to 4 hours. Installing a tarp depends on the size of the area that needs covering. The extent of the leak can range from a small section, such as a roof corner, to a larger area like an entire garage roof.

        Tarp covering is a task that requires careful attention. A poorly secured tarp creates further damage. Because it can act like a sail in the wind, pulling on whatever it's attached to. Our roofers are expertly trained to install tarps properly. We ensure they hold up against the elements and keep your home protected and dry until we're able to perform a full repair.

        What’s the typical repair time for a sudden roof leak?

        At HolyMess Repairs, we prioritize completing most emergency roof leak repairs on the same day to minimize damage to your property. The time it takes to address a sudden roof leak varies. For smaller leaks, we often resolve the issue quickly, typically within 1-2 hours. Larger leaks or more extensive damage might require a longer repair time, possibly up to a full day.

        Our process starts with identifying the leak's origin using advanced technology. Following this, we promptly begin the repair work and utilize top-quality Australian standard materials. Throughout the process, our team keeps you fully informed. You're aware of the progress every step of the way.

        What innovative technologies do you use during inspections to identify hidden flaws?

        When inspecting roofs for hidden flaws, our company uses state of the art modern equipment.

        1. Thermal Imaging Camera: This is a cool tool that helps us see where heat is escaping from your roof. It shows different temperatures in different colors. So, if there's a leak, it'll show up on the camera because the temperature will be different in that spot. It's like having x-ray vision for heat!

        2. Dye Method: This method is quite clever. We sprinkle a special dye powder on your roof and then pour water over it. When we think we know where the leak is, we go underneath and use a small camera to look at it. The camera lets us see where the dye has traveled with the water. We follow a colorful trail that leads us right to the source of the leak.

        3. Coil/Snake Camera: Imagine a tiny camera on the end of a long, flexible wire. That's our coil camera. If we need to, we make a small hole in your wall and slide this camera through. It lets us see inside the wall without having to make a big opening.

        Using these and many other latest techniques, our leak detection experts find even the sneakiest leaks and fix them before they become big problems!

        Do you guarantee a fair price in emergency situations?

        Absolutely, we ensure fair pricing in emergency scenarios. Consider a situation where your roof is damaged during a severe storm and requires immediate repair. Unlike many companies that might charge excessively for fast service, we maintain our emergency pricing closely aligned with our standard rates. Any minor increase in cost is solely due to the urgency and rapid response from our team. We believe in transparency and will inform you about the costs upfront.

        You'll have a clear understanding of the expenses with no hidden surprises. Our commitment is to be a trustworthy company that supports you in challenging times. Rest assured, our emergency service prices are as reasonable as those on any regular day.

        What is your approach to managing multiple emergency requests from different commercial clients simultaneously?

        At HolyMess Repairs, we're always geared up to handle numerous emergency situations, like major storms or unexpected minor earthquakes. Here's our strategy for managing multiple calls simultaneously:

        1. Weather Reports: We consistently track weather reports to anticipate sudden changes and prepare for a surge in emergency requests.

        2. Ready Roofers: Our licensed roofers are on high alert, especially during volatile weather. Their vehicles, or “utes”, are always stocked with essential materials, including tarps, enabling them to respond swiftly.

        3. Emergency Calls: During emergencies, our roofers ramp up their availability, similar to a fire department's response, ensuring rapid action. This was particularly crucial during the unexpected earthquakes in Melbourne, where we had to act quickly to repair numerous roofs ahead of incoming rain.

        4. In-Office Team: Our office staff play a crucial role, making sure every call is answered, no matter how high the volume.

        5. Night Work: Our vehicles are equipped with special lights and generators. It enables us to work effectively in the dark or in areas without power.

        6. Large Network: With a large team spread across Melbourne, we can assist a significant number of clients concurrently. In the rare event that we're stretched too thin, our office team goes above and beyond, working tirelessly to find someone who can help you.

        Can you handle large-scale commercial roofing emergencies that might affect multiple tenants?

        Yes, HolyMess Repairs is fully equipped to tackle large-scale commercial roofing emergencies impacting multiple tenants. We understand the urgency in such situations, where there's much at stake – from products worth millions to essential work hours and critical equipment. Consider hospitals, for instance, where the facility's integrity is vital for patient safety.

        We're prepared for extensive responses, not just with one emergency vehicle but with a fleet of 10-12 if necessary. Our team is adept at managing these demanding scenarios swiftly and efficiently.

        Our company’s attitude, “help our fellow men,” is at the heart of everything we do. This principle drives our team, our heroes, to rise to the challenge in any emergency. Our track record with major organizations like Scotia Group, RACV, and Austin Hospital stands testament to our capability in handling significant emergencies. At HolyMess Repairs, we take our role in helping you seriously and are always ready to respond.


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