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      Is Roof Restoration Worth It? (The Plaint Truth)

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      is roof restoration worth it?
      • February 15, 2024
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      There are a lot of benefits you can derive from restoring your tile roof or metal one. The fact that roof restoration increases the overall value of your home is just one of its many benefits.

      Though the process may be daunting for DIY enthusiasts and cost-demanding for those who need to outsource, you’ll be surprised by how crucial roof restoration can be to the general quality of your home.

      This guide addresses one of the most important home improvement questions: is roof restoration worth it? I’ll talk about roof restoration’s benefits, the signs your roof needs work, and roof restoration guidelines. An exciting and educational ride awaits.

      Is Roof Restoration Worth It?

      Yes, Roof restoration is worth it.

      If you are looking for an affordable way to improve the quality of your roof, restoration is a good option to consider.

      Not only would it extend the lifespan of your current roof, it can also enhance the overall appearance of your home without having to invest in a brand-new one.

      This is a cost-effective way to revitalize your roof and improve its quality even on a shoestring budget. 

      There are certain benefits of roof restoration which validate why it is a good home improvement strategy. However, before we look into what these merits are, let’s discuss what roof restoration is really about. 

      What Does Roof Restoration Mean?

      roof restoration in progress

      Simply put; Roof restoration is the process of cleaning, repairing, and renewing an existing roof in order to extend its life and improve its appearance by replacing it with a new one.

      The goal of roof restoration is to get the roof to a condition that is as good as new, thereby prolonging its expected lifespan, and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the building. 

      With roof restoration, you can get your roof to a better condition without having to go the costly and burdensome route of replacing the roof. 

      Benefits of Roof Restoration 

      7 Benefits of Roof Restoration 
      1. Improving the value of your home 
      2. Better energy-savings 
      3. Enhanced protection against weather conditions 
      4. Extended roof life
      5. Improved aesthetics 
      6. Enhanced energy efficiency 
      7. Quick renovation process 
      1. Improving the value of your home 

      The exterior of your home is what makes the first impression on buyers and gives them a mental valuation of how much the property is worth. When your house is in pristine condition, the effect on the overall value of your home is untold. 

      Aside from the paintwork in the house, the roof gives potential buyers an idea of what your home should be valued at. Any unwholesome defect on the roof can significantly impact the cost of the house. You’ll be amazed how a simple roof facelift can boost the market value of your property and justify whatever price tag you are looking to peg the home at. 

      1. Better energy-savings 

      Your property will appeal to energy-conscious folks after a restoration of the roof. This is because, during the roof restoration process, the roof coatings and reflective materials that are used can improve the energy efficiency of the entire building. This means the house will cut down on its energy usage, resulting in lower energy bills. 

      1. Enhanced protection against weather conditions 

      The roof is one of the most important parts of any building and this is largely because it provides protection from the elements. If it sustains any damage, such as a leak or a broken section, it can be less effective in shielding your home’s interior from rain, UV rays, and other weather conditions. Hence, timely repairs are quintessential to ensure your roof’s protective ability is maintained and further damage is prevented. 

      1. Extended Roof Life

      A properly executed roof restoration will add more years to the lifespan of the roof. When you identify and address minor issues before they become major problems, you can increase the years of life your roof has. 

      1. Improved Aesthetics 

      A restored roof will greatly enhance the appearance of a building. The curb appeal of your property will be improved which would also increase the value when you take the little, inexpensive steps that roof restoration entails. 

      1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency 

      Today, there are roof coatings that are used in roof restoration that can repel the impact of sunlight and minimize the effect of heat on a building. The result is cooler temperatures within the building even in summer. This would in turn lead to lower electricity charges due to infrequent use of ACs and other cooling systems. 

      1. Quick Renovation Process

      Roof restoration is not only a budget-friendly way to perform renovations but also a quick, less disruptive method. You’ll be able to complete your roof restoration in less time than it would take to install a new one. This can prove to be beneficial if you are a small business owner and wouldn’t want the renovation process to prevent you from business operations.

      Is it Better to Restore a Roof or Replace it?

      Choosing between roof restoration and an outright replacement depends on a wide range of factors. Some of these factors include:

      1. The condition of the roof: If the roof is in relatively good condition with minor issues such as missing shingles, depleted coating, holes, and leaks, then restoring it may be a viable option. However, if the roof is in a deplorable state with extensive damage, you should consider replacing it.
      2. The age of the roof: Consider the age of the roof and verify if it is reaching the end of its lifespan. Based on the materials used in making the roof, you can determine how long the roof is going to last. If the timeframe left is little, the best investment is getting a new roof instead of trying to make quick fixes to the existing one. 
      3. Upfront cost vs potential long-term expenses: Roof restoration is cheaper than replacement and provides a quick fix to your roof. However, if you weigh the upfront cost of restoring the roof against the possibility of spending more on future repairs, it may be better to make the significant investment of buying a new roof.
      4. Time-saving option: Replacing a roof is a time-demanding process. The process from trying to get approval to installing the roof requires time, effort, and a lot of money. With restoration, you can give your roof a facelift and increase the curb appeal of your building in a timely and cost-efficient manner. 
      5. Sustainable practices: When you opt for a roof restoration instead of completely replacing your roof, you’re making a sustainable choice that can help prevent unnecessary waste from contributing to the already overwhelming environmental issues.

      Signs You Need Roof Restoration

      The signs you need roof restoration are often very clear without having to look deep or even calling an expert to decide for you.

      Aging roof

      The age of your roof is one of the primary metrics in deciding whether you need roof restoration to fix the problems the roof is having. It is quintessential to note that the average lifespan of a roof depends on the materials used in its construction. Generally, you can expect your roof to last between 20 to 50 years. 

      Here’s how the age of your roof determines whether you need roof restoration. If you still have a long time on the expected lifespan of your roof and it has begun to show signs of deterioration such as leaks, holes, and other forms of damage. Then, you’ll need roof restoration to fix it as the roof still has enough value. 

      However, if the roof is in the final stages of its expected life cycle, replacing the roof may be a viable option. 

      Cracked or loose roof tiles 

      When you begin to notice cracks in the tiles of your roof or gaps that may have been caused by possums and other pets trying to gain access to your home through the roof, you should consider engaging in roof restoration processes. Such cracks will allow water leaks which could increase the likelihood of molds forming or internal rot. 

      Fading roof color 

      Roofs add to the curb appeal of a building and when your roof still has years to its lifespan but has lost some of its shine, there are easy ways to restore it to its former glory. Your roof’s color could be fading due to the depletion of the protective coatings on it and the buildup of dirt which can be fixed with a handful of items from the roof restoration manual. 

      Water damage

      Another sign that your roof needs restoration is when water begins to seep into your home structure. This indicates that there are cracks, holes, and weak spots in the roof where water is leaking through. A good engineer or company would be able to help you identify these problems and engage the processes required to fix them. 

      Missing roof tiles 

      You shouldn’t be thinking about replacing a roof because some tiles are missing. Notwithstanding, it is important to seek professional help instead of trying to activate the DIY enthusiast inside of you who wants to get roof tiles and install them. This is because the tiles may have been missing for a while which would have led to other problems that may not be easily detected by someone who’s not an expert. 

      Corrosion and rust 

      Older roofs are susceptible to the outbreak of corrosion and rust. This happens when metals are exposed to moisture and there’s a reaction between water and oxygen. Even though you’ll typically find such occurrences in old roofs, it doesn’t entirely suggest a replacement is needed. A quick fix to the corroded area and a general treatment on the roof can restore it to optimal conditions again. 

      Sagging roofs 

      Roofs begin to sag when there’s so much weight on them coupled with insufficient internal roof framing or undersized rafters. Some of the elements that can constitute weight for roofs include snow, ice, rainfall, and wind. Sagging roofs could also be a problem of bad roof installation. This is why it is recommended you contact experts in roof installation, maintenance, and repair. 


      What is the difference between roof restoration and roof replacement?

      Roof restoration involves repairing and rejuvenating an existing roof to improve its functionality and extend its lifespan. On the other hand, roof replacement refers to the complete removal of the old roof and installation of a new one. 

      The main difference between these two options is that one aims to fix and improve the current roof, while the other involves starting from scratch with a brand-new one.

      Are roof coatings a good idea?

      Roof coating is a good idea for maintaining and restoring your roof. It is generally recommended for roofs that still have a long lifespan but have minor damages, leaks, and weathering issues. While it can be a cost-effective way to preserve your roof, there are cases where roof coating wouldn’t solve the problems of your roof. 

      Does roof cleaning reduce your roof’s lifetime?

      Contrary to popular opinion, roof cleaning does not reduce the lifetime of your roof. However, the materials used in roof cleaning could. Depending on the kind of roof you have, there are certain cleaning agents that it mustn’t be exposed to. Understanding the manufacturer’s recommendation for your roof is quintessential to cleaning it properly. 

      Final Thoughts 

      Roof restoration is well worth it provided your roof still has some years in the bank of its lifetime and may only be facing minor issues. With a proper work done, you can get any roof back to pristine condition. We can help you determine whether youroof needs restoration and walk you through the entire process if you book our roof inspection in Melbourne or Roof Report In Canberra

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