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      Can You Paint A Colorbond Roof? (Expert Advice)

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      Can You Paint A Colorbond Roof
      • February 1, 2024
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      Can You Paint a Colorbond Roof? Yes, you can paint a colorbond roof, but it’s not like slapping paint on a bedroom wall. Colorbond roofs have a unique composition, and painting them requires specific know-how.

      can you paint a colorbond roof?

      So, you’ve got yourself a Colorbond roof, and you’re pondering a fresh coat of paint to make it look great again. 

      Before you start shaking that paint can, let’s dive into the ins and outs of painting this specific type of roof.

      The Essentials For a Picture-Perfect Colorbond Roof Paint Job

      roofer working on roof holding red spray paint
      • The Right Paint: Not all paints are created equal. Your Colorbond roof needs a particular type that’ll stick and not crack a sook in the Aussie sun.
      • The Proper Process: Follow the steps, and you won’t go astray. It’s a systematic approach to ensuring that paint job looks schmick.
      • Preparation is Key: As with most things in life, the right preparation can make or break the outcome.
      • Layering It On: A multilayer coating system is essential. Think of it like applying sunscreen, then a hat, and maybe even sunglasses for full protection.
      • Roughing Up the Surface: Just a tad! It’s about creating a surface the paint can hold onto. Kind of like how a koala grips a tree.
      • Dusting Off: Clean it up! Dust, dirt, or any leftover Sunday BBQ remnants won’t help your paint adhere.
      • Applying Your Paint: Go steady, and make sure it’s even. You want that roof to look as good as a beach sunset, not a patchy piebald pony.

      How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Colorbond Roof?

      The cost of painting a colorbond roof ranges from $1.20 to $2.70 per square foot, or between $1,450 and $3,300 total, depending on the dimensions of the roof, its pitch, and the type of paint that is used.

      Expense CategoryCost Range
      Labour$700 – $1,700
      Metal Roof Paint (per sq.ft.)$0.30 – $0.40
      Metal Roof Paint (5-gallon bucket)$170
      Total Painting Job$1,000 – $3,000
      Roof Replacement (for comparison)$10,000+

      Now that we’ve laid out the costs, let’s dive deeper into what influences these figures.

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      Factors Impacting the Cost Of Painting Colorbond Roofing

      Factors Impacting the Cost Of Painting Colorbond Roofing
      • Size and Slope of the Roof: A larger and steeper roof can up the price. It’s not just about surface area but also about the challenges of working on an incline.
      • Type of Building: Costs can vary depending on whether you have a single-story suburban home or a multi-story commercial building.
      • Quality of Paint: The price and quality of the paint can be significant factors. While saving a few bucks on cheaper paint might seem tempting, remember that higher quality often means better longevity against the elements.
      • Site and Roof Access: If your roof is trickier to access than a hidden cave in the outback, expect some additional costs. More complex setups mean more time and equipment.
      • Labour: As shown in the table, labour alone can be a significant chunk of the cost. Remember, this isn’t just about applying paint. It’s about expertise, safety, and ensuring the job is done right

      What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Colorbond Roof?

      man holding paint stick dipped in a black paint bucket

      Best Paint Type: Water-Based Acrylic Membrane Paint

      The best option is a water-based acrylic membrane paint. This isn’t just any regular paint; it’s formulated especially for metal and steel roofs like Colorbond.

      Why this paint?

      • Compatibility: It works in perfect harmony with metal, ensuring a snug fit without causing damage.
      • Durability: Acrylic paint is known for its long-lasting nature, making it a great choice for roofs exposed to the harsh Aussie weather.
      • Application: This paint can be evenly applied using an airless spray gun, ensuring a smooth and consistent finish across your roof.

      Color Choices

      colorbond color catalogue

      A big part of choosing paint is getting the color just right. Thankfully, the paint for Colorbond roofs comes in a delightful range of shades:

      • Cottage Green: A classic hue that brings a touch of the countryside to your home.
      • Classic Cream: Perfect for a timeless look that never goes out of style.
      • Surfmist: Think of the calming shades of beach waves on a sunny day.
      • Windspray: Captures the essence of a cool breeze on a summer evening.
      • Shale Grey: A subtle grey that complements almost any home exterior.
      • Bushland: A nod to the Australian outback, rich and earthy.
      • And much more. Easily view the complete cataloge of Colorbond roof paints.

      How Long Does Colorbond Roof Paint Last?

      The Colorbond roofing system comes with a corrosion and deterioration warranty that lasts for 30 years. A warranty that protects against paint peeling and chipping for up to 20 years after installation is also included.

      What Does the Warranty Say?

      colorbond warranty coverage from defects
      • Corrosion & Weathering: Colorbond confidently backs its roofing with a solid 30-year warranty against these culprits.
      • Paint Chipping & Flaking: If you’re worried about your roof paint doing the ol’ peel-and-fade routine, don’t be. There’s a 20-year warranty in place just for that. Pretty neat, huh?

      Despite the warranties and all the factors, as a ballpark figure, you’d want to think about giving your metal roof a fresh coat of paint every 10 years. Better safe than sorry, right?

      Your Colorbond roof’s paint job is pretty darn resilient. But, like a good car or a trusty pair of boots, a little maintenance now and then keeps everything running (or in this case, looking) smooth.

      Is It Cheaper To Paint Or Replace A Metal Roof?

      If you’re on the fence, looking at immediate expenses, painting your metal roof is the more wallet-friendly option. It’s a fraction of the cost of a full-blown replacement. However, do keep in mind that the condition of your roof plays a role. If it’s heavily damaged, a replacement might be inevitable.

      Cost Overview

      Roof Painting 
      ActionAverage CostFactors Influencing Cost
      Painting a Metal Roof$1,000 – $3,000Roof size, paint type, labor, prep work
      Replacing a Metal RoofStarting from $10,000Roof size, material choice, labor, and underlayment
      Roof Replacement
      Roof SizeEstimated Replacement Cost
      2,500 sq.ft$19,570 – $22,068

      While there are various costs associated with repainting a Colorbond roof, it’s often a more economical choice compared to a full roof replacement. 

      How To Paint Colorbond Roofing


      • Cleaning: Thoroughly wash down the roof using a specialist cleaner to eliminate surface chalking and any contaminants.
      • Rust Removal: Identify and remove any white rust found. Once removed, spot prime with a suitable primer.

      Choose the Right Paint

      • Opt for exterior, water-based, acrylic paint designed specifically for Colorbond roofs.
      • Bonus: Some Colorbond roof paints come with a self-priming feature.


      • Initial Prepping: Roughen up the surface slightly, ensuring the paint will adhere better.
      • Dusting: Once prepped, ensure you dust down the surface to clear any debris.
      • Painting Tools: Use an airless spray gun for a uniform finish. For gutters or intricate areas, consider using a foam sponge or roller, as it’ll adapt to the contours effortlessly.


      • Membrane Coats: Apply two membrane coats. This will seal the roof and ensure durability.

      Pro Tips

      • Painting a Colorbond roof can be likened to painting a car. Just as with vehicles, the quality and longevity of the finish heavily depend on the preparatory work.
      • Always check the weather forecast. You wouldn’t want unexpected rain right after a fresh paint job!

      Who Can Expertly Repaint a COLORBOND Roof in Melbourne and Canberra?

      Look no further than HolyMess Repairs! Dial us up at 0489 925 595 and chat directly with our top-tier Colorbond roof painting specialists. Whether it’s a query, a concern, or simply seeking expert advice, we’re here for it all. We take pride in engaging personally with our clients, truly grasping their visions and expectations for their roofing projects. 

      It’s not just about a fresh coat of paint; it’s about ensuring you relish the results for decades to come. With every project, our aim is clear: to enhance the beauty and value of your property while delivering an unmatched level of service. Our commitment? Cementing our reputation as the premier Colorbond roof restoration company in both Melbourne and Canberra.

      Don’t just take our word for it, check out our work on our Melbourne and Canberra landing pages. Choose HolyMess Repairs, where we transform your roofing concerns into roofing confidence.

      Last Words

      In conclusion, painting a Colorbond roof is doable, but it’s a bit more involved than other paint jobs. If you decide to go for it, make sure you’re well-prepared, or better yet, leave it to those in the know. Because, let’s face it, the roof’s the hat of your home, and you want it to look top-notch. Good on you!

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