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      Australian Roofing Contractors: 5 Flaws & Why We’re The Best

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      • August 10, 2023
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      Australian Roofing Contractors: The Competition’s 5 Fatal Flaws

      Have you ever worked with an Australian Roofing Contractor? In the cutthroat world of business, every company claims to be the “BEST,” promising unrivaled services and unparalleled quality.

      But what if we told you that not all competitors can live up to their lofty claims?

      Welcome to a revealing journey where we shine a spotlight on the five fatal flaws of most Australian Roofing Contractors.

      As we delve into these shortcomings, you’ll gain valuable insights into why we’re the best in Roof Repairs and rise above the rest.

      At HolyMess Repairs, we take pride in transparency and delivering what we promise. So, let’s explore the competition’s weaknesses and uncover the undeniable reasons why we are the undisputed champions in our field!

      Here are 5 Fatal Flaws that we have noticed about other companies in the industry.

      1. Workers Without Licensed Supervision
      2. ACCC Warranty Standards Non-Compliance
      3. Misleading Terms And Conditions
      4. Neglecting Protective Gear
      5. No Licensed Tradesmen
      1. Workers Operating Without Licensed Supervision


      In Victoria, it is a legal requirement that all plumbers hold specific accreditations in their designated class of plumbing, and registered/apprentice plumbers must work under licensed supervision in that specific category.

      Consequences of Non-Compliance:

      • Jobs completed without licensed supervision may need to be re-checked, redone, and new compliance certificates issued.
      • Violations can lead to the loss of personal plumbing licenses and fines/penalty units.

      Regulatory Compliance:

      Choose HolyMess Repairs, where we strictly adhere to regulations, ensuring that all our workers, including apprentices, operate under licensed supervision. Our commitment to compliance guarantees high-quality and safe services, putting your peace of mind first.

      2. ACCC Warranty Standards Non-Compliance


      The warranty policies of Australian Roofing Industries fall short of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) requirements. The ACCC mandates clear and comprehensive warranty terms, which must be in writing and include:

      • Name and address of the business offering the warranty.
      • Duration of the warranty.
      • Coverage details.
      • Claim process for consumers.
      • Actions taken by the business if a claim is made.

      Regrettably, their policies lack key information:

      • No specified warranty duration, leaving consumers uncertain about coverage length.
      • Ambiguity about what the warranty covers, leading to confusion about included defects.
      • Absence of clear instructions for consumers to claim under the warranty.
      • Lack of clarity on the business’s response when a claim is made.

      At HolyMess Repairs, we adhere to ACCC standards with transparent, consumer-friendly warranty policies. Trust us for reliable and straightforward warranty coverage, putting your satisfaction first.

      3. Misleading Terms And Conditions

      Most Roofing Contractors in Australia have terms and conditions that don’t align with their business practices, raising concerns about transparency and consumer protection. Key issues include:

      • Unilateral changes to the contract without offering a remedy for the consumer.
      • Limited promises that may not fully cover the services provided.
      • Lack of clarity, concealing pitfalls that could disadvantage customers.


      Transparency is vital, and terms should be clear, legible, and free from traps (Director General of Fair Trading v First National Bank).

      The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and ASIC Act also emphasize fairness and consumer protection (ACL reference: section 24(1), ASIC Act reference: section 12BG).

      Reviewing the process from site arrival to final invoice reveals discrepancies with stated terms. The practices may not align with relevant legislations of ACL, ACC, VBA, and Worksafe.

      Examples include:

      • Failure to provide insurance details before commencing work.
      • Not obtaining confirmation before starting work.
      • Requesting deposits exceeding the maximum allowed by State legislation.
      • Inconsistent terms and conditions between the website and invoices.

      At HolyMess Repairs, we prioritize transparency and compliance. Our terms and conditions align with our business practices, ensuring fairness, and giving customers confidence in our services. Trust us for clear, reliable, and customer-oriented terms that prioritize your satisfaction.

      4. Roof Safety: Neglecting Protective Gear


      Our competitors’ disregard for safety standards on roofs is alarming, as evidenced by several serious violations:

      • Failure to provide essential personal protective equipment (PPE).
      • Absence of a critical Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).
      • Allowing unqualified individuals to work alone in situations where it is not permitted by law.

      These violations jeopardize the well-being of workers and the community, presenting significant risks:

      • Without proper PPE, workers are vulnerable to severe injuries in case of accidents.
      • Lack of a SWMS leaves workers unaware of potential risks and how to mitigate them.
      • Working alone in prohibited situations increases the likelihood of injury or worse.

      At HolyMess Repairs, we prioritize safety above all else. Our team adheres to safety regulations, ensuring the use of appropriate protective gear, implementing SWMS, and never compromising on qualified supervision. Choose us for a secure and responsible roofing solution that puts safety first.

      5. Partnership Scam


      The roofing industry in Australia is thriving, but it’s not without its challenges. Among the reputable companies, some unscrupulous roofing contractors engage in partnership scams to deceive homeowners.

      They advertise;

      • Fake partnerships: Some roofing companies falsely claim partnerships with reputable businesses to appear trustworthy.
      • Discounts with no basis: Scammers offer discounts by falsely claiming partnerships with suppliers.
      • Tragic outcomes: Customers experience leaking roofs, no discounts, and no guarantees after repairs.

      At HolyMess Repairs We Tackle Partnership Scams in the Roofing Industry, Here’s How;

      • Genuine partnerships: We maintain authentic partnerships with reputable suppliers.
      • Accurate assessments: We never exaggerate work requirements.
      • Written contracts: We offer clear contracts for all projects.
      • Licensed and insured: We comply with industry regulations for added protection.
      • High-quality workmanship: We take pride in the quality of our work.

      Why Choosing HolyMess Repairs Is Best!

      • Reliable and skilled team of roof repair and restoration experts.
      • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surprises.
      • Genuine partnerships with reputable suppliers and manufacturers.
      • Accurate and honest roof assessments for better decision-making.
      • Written contracts for clarity and peace of mind.
      • Positive customer reviews and references.
      • Fully licensed and insured service provider.
      • Prompt and clear communication throughout the project.
      • High-quality workmanship and attention to detail.

      Choose HolyMess Repairs for top-notch services and protection from partnership scams. Safeguard your roofing needs with a reputable and reliable company committed to customer satisfaction.

      A Piece Of Advice

      In a sea of Australian Roofing Contractors, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential pitfalls and scams lurking beneath the surface. At HolyMess Repairs, we strive to be a beacon of trust and transparency in the roofing industry. Our commitment to compliance, safety, and genuine partnerships sets us apart from the competition.

      Don’t let the fatal flaws of others jeopardize your roofing project. Choose HolyMess Repairs for reliable and high-quality services that prioritize your satisfaction and protect you from deception. Contact us today to experience roofing solutions that rise above the rest!

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